Elk Estrus & Serenity Synthetic Twin Pack

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Save money on this Estrus & Serenity Real Urine Stick twin pack. Normally priced at $14.99 each, you can get this dynamic duo for just $27.99.

Use these two scent sticks to attract that huge buck that you've always wanted to harvest.

Elk Cow Estrus has emulated the scent of a cow that’s in estrous and creating one of the most powerful aromas in the industry to draw those giant bull’s from their natural environment in search of that one cow that’s ready to breed.

HOTT SCENTS Synthetic Serenity is a unique blend of scents that have been proven time and time again to be very effective at all times of the season. This scent is much like a calming/bedding/Herd Scent and tends to bring the bulls in at a more passive pace, not to alert the other animals. It also can be used as a cover scents to be applied to the surrounding areas.

HOTT SCENTS provides the most effective results when real urines are not an option as it has become more popular within the US. due to (CWD) Chronic Wasting Disease.