About Us

HOTT SCENTS was established in 1987 and from the beginning, we as a company have sustained great pride in our quality and customer service. We strive to bring you the best in lures, attractants and scent elimination products on the market, so you can have a greater opportunity to bring home that monster you've been waiting for!

Our HOTT SCENTS are 100% pure Doe and Buck urine's. They can be used before, during or after the rut. These products have proven themselves many times in the field. There are plenty of deer lures on the market! However when it comes to freshness and sustainability HOTT SCENTS has you covered.


We pride ourselves in having top quality, 100% pure products that you can count on.

Collection of deer urine is rather simple. The deer are put into small stalls which have small drains with grids over them to keep out dirt and debris.

Only when the doe’s are in heat will the sex pheromones show up in her urine. This urine is then collected and stored in a holding tank mixing several doe’s in estrus urine's together.

There is only one strength of doe in estrus urine. After the deer urine is collected there is no way to separate the sex pheromones from the urine. Therefore the true 100% pure estrus deer scent is as pure as it gets. Doe and estrus urine is usually shipped in its natural state without anything added. However a great number of deer scent manufacturers put additives in the doe urine. Adding other scents, chemicals and preservatives to doe urine doesn't seem to be as effective as 100% pure doe and estrus urine. So do yourself a favor and get your HOTT SCENTS and stay ahead of the game!