How to use the Stick Attractant from HOTT SCENTS

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How to use the Stick Attractant from HOTT SCENTS

The HOTT SCENTS Stick Attractants look like your typical deodorant stick. To best use it, you'll want to find a good, clean shooting lane that you'll want to apply the scent to. Pick a lane that is easily seen from your blind, tree stand, or resting point.

Pick a spot about 80 to 100 yards out from your shooting station where you think the animals will come to and walk to it. Open up your HOTT Scents stick, dial it up, and then simply walk back to your shooting station while you drag the open end of the stick against the brush, trees, sticks, etc. Another option is to simply use the edge of the cap to shave small slivers of scent off and let it lay on the ground.

Once you have completed walking back to your shooting station, dial up the stick a little further and set it out about 20 yards from your shooting station. This will act as a 20-yard marker and will allow the wind to do its magic by blowing the scent in the proper directions.

The HOTT SCENTS Serenity Blend will smell like a bedding area, so you can also use it to rub it all over your blind, tree stand, or shooting session. DO NOT rub it on yourself.