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One of the questions that we get asked a lot is, "What is the difference between the liquid hunting scents and the stick scents?" The simple answer is that the liquid scents are in a bottle in a liquid form and the stick is a solid that is similar to a stick of deodorant. They are both used in a very similar way which you can read about in these two articles:How to use the HOTT Scents Stick AttractantHow to use the HOTT Scents Liquid Attractant There are some differences in storing the scent stick versus storing the liquid scents. Storing...

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One of the biggest questions that we get is, "How do I use urine scents to attract a deer or elk?"  The good news is that we have the answer to that question, whether your hunting Whitetail, Mule Deer, Blacktail, or Elk, this post will inform you on how to use HOTT SCENTS Liquid Attractants.  If you want to know how to use our Stick Attractants, check out this article: "How to use HOTT SCENTS Stick Attractants." The best way to use our liquid attractants in the field for deer and elk is to find a shooting lane about 80...

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The HOTT SCENTS Stick Attractants look like your typical deodorant stick. To best use it, you'll want to find a good, clean shooting lane that you'll want to apply the scent to. Pick a lane that is easily seen from your blind, tree stand, or resting point. Pick a spot about 80 to 100 yards out from your shooting station where you think the animals will come to and walk to it. Open up your HOTT Scents stick, dial it up, and then simply walk back to your shooting station while you drag the open end of the stick against the brush,...

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