Prepping for the hunt.

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Prepping for the hunt.

If you live west of the Mississippi then most of you have already heard if your going to be hunting this year and your starting to get ramped up for the hunt. Well here are a few thing to keep in mind.

1. If your bow hunting make sure you go over your bow and check things out! Replace the string if necessary, I had one brake on me in the middle of a High Country Muley hunt. 

2. While you have the string off go ahead and replace the bushings in your cams, a lot of times they get moisture in them and rust and just when you least expect it that annoying creak sound will come out at half draw on the buck of a lifetime.

3. If your Muzzle loader hunting them make sure too inspect the bore all the way to the percussion chamber as that is where most of the build is and the most likely to be missed during clean up. This can and will cause a dry-fire

4. If using a rifle be sure to clean and keep dry, make sure all your mounts are tight and your scope is in good shape with anti-fog coating on them. get a scope cover. 

5. No matter how certain you are of your weapon!! Make sure you shoot it before the hunt. Things happen and you don't want to miss or worse wound an animal