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So, by now I’m sure most of you reading this have either heard or read about a disease called Chronic Wasting Disease otherwise known as (CWD)? And I’m sure you also heard how devastating it would be on our population of deer and elk. Well although I can’t speak for all, but I think I’m covering a fair number of sportsmen and conservationists? Just pure thought of any disease capable of annihilating our massive heard of Elk and Whitetail deer is just scary. Now some of you may think that I’m way out in left fields but what scares me...

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Back in 1937 two U.S. Senators, Pittman and Robertson, had a great idea to redirect the 11% Federal tax on guns and ammunition to the Department of the Interior instead of the general Treasury fund. They then wrote a bill, known as The Pittman-Robertson Act, to specify that the Department of Interior had to distribute the funds to the states for their wildlife management organizations which go by names such as Fish & Game, Parks & Wildlife, Fish & Wildlife, etc.

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